Friday, October 21, 2011

Finding Repose in Venice. Diary Entry: Venice, Nov. 4th

The narrator continues to compliment Venice:

“[Venice] gives one, more than nature, deep calm, sincere repose.  I am not required to have any opinions-to take sides.”

What is it about a place that would make one not have to take sides or have opinions?  For one, there would not be an immense amount of advertisements encouraging purchases or endorsements.  Another would be a slower pace to life, as mentioned in the previous post.  The narrator goes on to state:

“So for three days I have sat about idly, or swung in the tender, cradle-like movement of a gondola.  It seems sometimes as though I were tasting eternity here, among these environments of age.”

When we find ourselves in a place where the demands of everyday life diminish, we dig deeper into ourselves.   Perhaps more than finding our distinct and unique views on things, we emerge not with that which needs to be defended or separates us from others as opinions might do.  But, with that which connects us to others the way wisdom and universal truths do.